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Mike Wiggins – Senior Partner

Helping you to build and maintain income to finance your desired outcomes

How can you plan your finances to have the lifestyle you want? Your finances and how you use them to spend or save, invest or borrow, will have an impact on your lifestyle, both today and in the future.

I specialise in lifestyle financial planning. This means helping clients like you to organise your finances, so you can aim to achieve your longer-term goals and dreams, as well as enjoying the life you want today. It’s about working with you to build a resilient, yet flexible, financial plan around the lifestyle you want now, and in the future, while understanding and appreciating what matters to you and why.

Many of my clients want to simplify their finances or have more control over their financial decision-making. They have a longer-term outlook, with aspirations, such as securing an enriched retirement, supporting their growing family or protecting their estate for future generations.

With 30 years’ experience and expertise in this area and a personalised, client-focused approach, I am confident that I can help you to align your finances with your life goals. Areas that I can help with include:

  • generating and extracting business profits in a tax-efficient manner;
  • securing a dream house;
  • assessing the risks to your livelihood and putting in place survival strategies;
  • planning to provide the best education possible for your children;
  • helping individuals to transition into retirement;
  • caring for older relatives and providing them with comfort and security;
  •  protecting those you love from the impacts of a loss of income; and
  •  creating income to help achieve your desired outcomes.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice.
Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


  • How I work

      Meeting and helping clients is my passion. Guiding clients on their journey is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a financial adviser. Getting to understand their needs, hopes, values, fears, plans, priorities risk profile, dreams and expectations. Learning more about their life’s journey, their family, their business, their interests and the things that they enjoy.

      The first meeting marks the first step on that journey to help my clients achieve their financial ambitions and fulfil their lifestyle dreams.

      It is hugely rewarding and motivating for me to be part of that journey and to share the successes and celebrate milestones with clients along the way, whether it’s paying off a mortgage, celebrating a child’s graduation, or securing the trip of a lifetime.

      I invest time in creating relationships with clients that are built on openness, trust, and mutual respect. Every 6-12 months, I provide an in-depth review and planning session with clients to check progress against their goals, review their personal situation, and agree on the next steps.

      As circumstances, priorities, and motivations change, we can then flex and amend plans to make sure they remain relevant. Even if your personal circumstances do not change, a regular review is still critical to make sure plans adapt to ever-changing legal requirements and regulations.

  • What else can I do for you?

      As a professional adviser, I believe I also have a responsibility to share my financial knowledge with you. So that you are better informed, and therefore, better placed to make decisions about investment choices and potential risks.

      Continuity and trust have proved to be the key ingredients for successful relationships with my clients over the last three decades. I take the time to understand my clients and their family circumstances, which enables me to offer sound advice as clients confront the challenges that crop up throughout the various stages of their lives.

      I also understand that financial advice is not just about one member of the family, it is about the whole family group. Therefore, I can help you to make sure your money is used in a tax-efficient manner which will help achieve your goals or help the ones you love. I feel very privileged that my people-centred approach has led to clients recommending me to their friends, colleagues, and even their own children.

      Sound financial advice and planning should never be about selling a product. Products are just the tools of my trade. It’s about having the knowledge and the experience to assess a situation and determine the desired outcome, discussing the options and the risks. Then, working together to come up with a plan and choosing the right tools for the job. It is a partnership and it is a journey. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to achieving your goals and the lifestyle you want.

  • Qualifications

      Charted Financial Planner
      NLP Business Practitioner

  • My team

      I am supported by my wife, Sally, who is my soulmate, and client relationship manager. We are ably assisted by Jackie, who is another key point of contact for my clients.

      We also receive support from other Partners and teams within Foster Denovo.

  • Outside of work

      I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures with my wife. We also enjoy spending time in the Florida sunshine on pristine, white sandy beaches.

      In my spare time, I participate in a range of sports, including football, badminton, and table tennis. My other recreational interests include gardening, reading books – particularly about psychology and human performance – dancing, rambling, photography, and fishing. I am also learning to play the guitar.

      I am a family man with 4 children and 4 grandchildren, who remind me what it is to be young and that the scope of possibility is boundless if we can just suspend our limiting beliefs for long enough to free our imaginations.

  • Testimonials

      “Mike has been our financial adviser for more than 20 years. During this time, we have built a strong, trusting and open relationship and been provided with sound financial advice that has seen our portfolio diversify and our investments grow. Mike affords clients time and genuinely cares, so he fully understands what’s important to us, and that we fully appreciate the implications of our choices and decisions. Even when money has been tight, such as when we bought our first home together as a couple and started a family, Mike was still able to add significant value to our financial planning. He has been alongside us, supporting us, throughout challenging times in our lives as well as there to celebrate the milestones, such as paying off our mortgage.

      Mike continues to assist us with retirement planning, pensions, investment advice and tax planning and we would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to plan their finances to help them to achieve their life goals.”

      Mr and Mrs Istead, Kent

      “We are delighted with the progress we are making towards our agreed goals and have been very impressed with Mike’s consultative style and manner. Mike is a great listener, always works with our financial needs (not his) and is quick to implement, then monitor actions between our regular meetings. The title “financial adviser” does not do him justice. He is a first-class coach, counsellor and mentor and instinctively knows when to change hats.

      We would like to thank him and his colleagues at Foster Denovo. They are experts at growing income for outcomes!”

      Business Pulse

      “Mike, Sally, and the Foster Denovo team are largely responsible for helping us provide the right “income for our outcomes.” They have managed risk and opportunity and increased our sense of security and wellbeing. We regard them as “top table” in our team and we could not be where we are today without their insights, skills and support. The ROI has been impressive and has outperformed anything we could have done with other advisers.

      They have a highly personal approach to their clients, which is great for us as clients of course, although it limits the number they can work with. You will be in safe hands with them.”

      “Mike Wiggins is an expert in creating ‘income for my outcomes’. He is more than an “IFA” as he has a fantastic insight into my hopes, fears, and aspirations for the future. Unlike many in his field, Mike is not pushy or “salesy” and as a result of that, I always feel comfortable with the advice and support he provides. Supported by a great team, he has delivered the outcomes, year after year. In the future, my “happy retirement supported by a sound financial infrastructure” will be the result of his great competence and commitment.”

      Phil Jesson
      Head of Speaker Development, Academy of Chief Executives

      “Mike has a very special way about him that immediately builds trust and he provides a real depth of understanding about his client’s relationship with money. Mike skilfully invites the difficult conversations. Mike has a gift of pulling out what is important to us and helping us shape the lifestyle we dream of whilst adjusting to the ups and downs of life.

      Over the years the greatest gift to me personally has been the sense of freedom Mike and Sally have given us, sorting out some complex financial entanglements, mapping our future, enabling us to live a life of ease, joy and financial security. Priceless!”


      “When my partner and I needed to integrate our finances, we could only keep one adviser. Mike won hands down! Mike and Sally are question-led, good listeners, and clearly a happy and complementary team. We really appreciated the amount of time they invested in understanding our future goals and aspirations, the level of risk we were prepared to undertake and the provision we wanted to make for youngsters further down our family trees.

      To summarise in a sentence, they provided income for our outcomes.”


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