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Protecting you and your family against unforeseen circumstances

What would happen to your family in the event of an unforeseen circumstance?  How would your family cope financially if you were to die prematurely?  Would you receive adequate medical care and choices if you were to suffer a serious illness?  If your household lost its main source of income, what impact would this have on your loved ones?

Recent research from Legal & General* found that the average UK employee and their households could survive financially on their savings for just 32 days.  Yet, 30% of employees in the UK don’t have financial back-up plans if they were affected by long-term critical illness, disability, loss of salary, redundancy or death.

It is vital to protect yourself and your family’s future in case anything unexpected happens.  Should the unforeseen occur, your family may be at risk of losing the family home, or be faced with a burden of debt they are unable to pay.

We can help to make sure that, in the event of serious illness or death, your mortgage will continue to be paid, you and your loved ones will receive a lump sum and that your savings and investments won’t be at risk.  We’ll help give you reassurance and peace of mind that your family will still have money available should anything unexpected happen, and that their future is financially protected.

We can’t always plan what is going to happen in life, but we can plan to protect what is most important if the unexpected were to occur.

At Foster Denovo, we’ll advise on suitable and appropriate insurance policies for your requirements and circumstances.  Our advisers will review your cover to check it is set at the appropriate level, it matches your changing circumstances and that costs remain competitive.

Where appropriate, your adviser will ensure that the protection policies you have in place fit with the other elements and solutions that sit inside your financial plan.

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*Taken from Legal & General’s 2017 research ‘Deadline to Breadline’, drawn on a survey of 2,027 employees representative of the UK adult population.


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