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How do advice firms give younger employees a voice in the business?

Many financial advice firms have policies to give employees their say in how the business is run, which benefits businesses and their employees.

According to the website of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the professional body for those who work in human resources and people development, “well-being, commitment and innovation are negatively impacted when employees feel they are without ‘voice’ in an organisation.”

Young employees may need particular encouragement to share their opinions and offer suggestions, as doing so may not come easy to those who lack experience and the confidence to share their ideas with senior staff.

So how are advice firms ensuring that they are listening to what their young employees have to say?

Louise Blair, head of HR at Foster Denovo gives her thoughts on how important it is to create a collaborative work place and how a company must stick to its promises when telling employees that it is going to act on their feedback to encourage employees to be able to share their voice. “It’s how you get employees to know they are listened to and that it translates into action,” says Blair.

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