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Five IFAs tell us how they passed CISI Financial Plan Assessment

The CISI Financial Plan Assessment is not for the fainthearted. New Model Adviser tracked down five advisers who recently passes, to discuss their experience of the assessment and what’s next in their professional career.

The CISI Financial Plan Assessment sees candidates supplied with case studies of retiring or post-retirement clients. The assessment requires the application of knowledge to develop a financial plan.

Marc Burman, Financial Adviser at Foster Denovo, spoke to New Model Adviser about his experience of taking the qualification and his advice for those taking it.

“I was attracted to the CISI chartered financial planning route to achieving my level 6 qualification for two reasons. Firstly, it was not solely exam based as it incorporated a case study. Secondly, the course itself was very practical; it was easy to link the content with ‘real life’ advice scenarios. (Although this didn’t mean the course was any easier!)

The exam covered all aspects of financial planning and advice so it was important to have a high level of understanding of each advice area. The case study involved a complex financial scenario; I evidenced my calculations and forecasts in my answer so examiners could see exactly how I arrived at my recommendations.”

Read the full article on New Model Adviser here.

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