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Majority Of Investors ‘Unaware’ Of ESG

The majority of investors are unaware of ESG investing, however Foster Denovo’s report reveals signs of a growth in investor perception about the environment along with the impact made by their investments.

Once dismissed as a virtuous concept that potentially compromised portfolio returns, ESG investing has moved centre-stage within the global investment arena in recent years.

Foster Denovo said just over half (51%) of respondents either felt strongly or very strongly about the impact that climate change could have on their savings and investments.

In addition, nine in 10 (89%) said they were concerned about the impact that corporate practices and some large businesses were having on the environment.

Declan McAndrew, Foster Denovo’s head of investment research, said: “It’s clear that many people, including those not currently investing sustainably, are interested in and willing to learn more about ESG and want to put their money towards positively benefiting the planet as well as making returns.”

Read the full article on Forbes here.

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