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The need for effective benefits communication

Employers and staff recognise the need for effective benefits communication in the workplace.  Mybenefitsatwork research highlights a shortfall in the communication of benefits.

Research (1) conducted by Mybenefitsatwork has uncovered that the vast majority of employers (95%) believe the responsibility lies with them to keep their staff informed about changes to pensions legislation. And this is supported by the fact that three quarters (75%) of employees believe the duty rests with their employer.

Mybenefitsatwork is a new online service launched by the award-winning national firm of financial advisers, Foster Denovo Limited. It enables employers of all sizes to communicate their employee benefits to their staff through an interactive website.

The research also went on to uncover that more than half (51%) of employers provide communication of their benefits via a staff handbook. Nearly half (49%) state that this communication is done via a new joiner induction programme.

“When it came to addressing what prevents employers from better communicating their benefits, two thirds of employers (66%) said they did not do more due to lack of inclination. 44% stated lack of time was the main reason.”

When asked, employees believed resource (43%) and cost (39%) were the two most popular reasons why their employers didn’t fully communicate their benefits.

Click here to read the full press release.

(1) July 2015. Mybenefitsatwork commissioned Atomik Research to conduct two surveys. The first survey went to 100 business employers and 100 charities. The second to 100 employees in small businesses and 100 employees in charities.

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