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Secondsight uses pension guidance tool

Secondsight, the employee benefits division of Foster Denovo, adds Selectapension’s digital pension guidance tool ‘Pension Monster’ to its employee engagement and financial education portal.

Selectapension is currently talking to different companies, so they will include the free pension tool in their websites.

Peter Bradshaw, national accounts director at Selectapension, told FTAdviser that people need to “start thinking about their pension contributions”.

Customers can use the free tool by entering some information in the Pension Monster.

From that, the system creates a tailored report giving an overview of options, how much savers need to save to reach their retirement goals, and product suggestions from a variety of providers.

Currently, the only corporate schemes that are using the guidance tool are the employer clients of Secondsight.

Mr Bradshaw said Pension Monster was an important part of the redesign of its employee engagement and financial education portal.

Read the full article on FTAdviser here.

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