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We’ll work with you to create a personalised, financial plan

When you meet with your financial adviser, they will follow a carefully designed financial planning process

Your adviser will create a bespoke financial plan to help you address any immediate priorities or concerns you may have, and to help you achieve your longer-term goals. They’ll use complex financial planning tools to build a bespoke investment solution for you, and where appropriate, they may use cash flow modelling. They will also make sure you have sufficient protection in place to cater for any unforeseen circumstances

Step 1 – Discovery

You will meet with your financial adviser, either face to face, on the phone or through a digital video meeting held over the internet.  It typically lasts one hour.  At your Discovery Meeting, your adviser will aim to get an in-depth understanding of your immediate needs, your financial goals, your current financial situation and your attitude to investment risk and any times constraints you may have. 

The Discovery meeting will not cost you anything and you do not have to take up our services at this point.

Next steps – your financial adviser will explain how they can help you. They will provide clear information of our fees and how these can be funded.  In some circumstances fees can be paid from your investments.  Our costs will always be agreed with you before any work is carried out.

Step 2 – Strategy

Once your financial adviser understands your goals, they will analyse your current financial situation.  Where appropriate, your financial adviser will use cash flow modelling to create a personal financial plan for you. This will show your cash flow, net worth and tax position throughout your life.  At this stage, if required, you will receive a strategy report, summarising your aims and any current financial planning you have in place. It will highlight any gaps and it will set out how you can achieve your financial goals and address any immediate needs.

Step 3 – Recommendation and implementation

Once you and your adviser have agreed your strategy, we will research products or investments that will help you achieve your goals.  Once we’ve determined the most appropriate product, we’ll select the right funds for you.  Using a sophisticated stochastic modelling system, we’ll find the most efficient portfolio that matches your investment risk profile and time constraints.  This will create a bespoke investment solution just for you.

Nearly all of our advisers work within our restricted investment proposition which consists of an extensive panel of investment solutions and your recommendations, including any funds, may be from this wide reaching panel.  In the unlikely event a suitable solution is not available, we will broaden our research to other providers and products.  

Your recommendations are documented in a report which outlines how these will meet your objectives and will detail any disadvantages, if there are any.

Once you are happy and have agreed to our recommendations, we will put in place the solutions on your behalf.

Step 4 – Review

Your personal circumstances and goals are likely to change throughout your life. So, ongoing reviews, advice and financial coaching are essential to make sure your plans continue to meet your financial aims. Your adviser will, where appropriate, agree regular review meetings with you so that you stay on track for your best possible financial future.

What to do next

If you’d like to learn more, or would like to book an initial Discovery Meeting at no cost to you, contact us today.

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