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Helping to make the world a better place

At Foster Denovo we want our charity work and environmental efforts to have a positive impact.

Through financial planning, we help clients reach their goals, but we also want to support charity work and environmental efforts. These two areas form an essential part of our ethos, with the whole of Foster Denovo team getting involved in various projects every year.

Raising money for good causes

Each year we ask our people which charities they want to support, whether they’re small, local firms or national charities operating on a larger scale.

Throughout the year, we fundraise, gather donations, support local community projects and take on challenges to raise awareness for good causes.

Environmental responsibilities

We believe in taking steps to protect the environment and limit our impact where possible. It’s a responsibility everyone at Foster Denovo shares and as an organisation the steps we take include :

  • recycling our waste;
  • reducing energy waste and making sure equipment is powered off rather than left on standby;
  • using motion sensors so our lights are only on when needed ;
  • providing facilities for employees cycling to work and a cycle-to-work scheme;
  • using online video conferencing to reduce the need to travel between offices;
  • information of an environmental team via our employee engagement group to drive new initiatives; and
  • participation in relevant awareness days.
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