An adviser in the spotlight – Grace Agnew

At Foster Denovo, we provide bespoke financial advice to individuals and their families, charities and employers. As our advisers specialise in different areas and have their own unique qualities, we are delving into their work and personal lives to find out more about them. In this month’s ‘Adviser in the spotlight’ we spoke with Grace Agnew a Financial Adviser and self-proclaimed wonder women!

Hi Grace, tell us about your role at Foster Denovo. What do you specialise in and what qualifications do you have?

I specialise in a variety of areas such as investments and pensions but more lately my focus has been on inheritance tax. I have a range of qualifications including the London Institute of Banking and Finance Diploma for Financial Advisers and a STEP Certificate for Financial Services in Trusts and Estate Planning. I also have a university degree obtained in New Zealand, where I am originally from, in Psychology and Business Management. I’m planning to take the Long-Term Care exam soon too, which will enable me to work with my clients and evaluate their needs to provide advice on long term care planning solutions and support during their later lives.

What’s your favourite thing about being a financial adviser?

Helping people! By advising people on the best ways to invest and save their money I can help them achieve their financial goals and reduce any unnecessary tax bills. It’s great when my clients are able to retire earlier than they planned and are booking lots of holidays to spend their well-earned money. I don’t blame them either! It’s so important to strike a balance so clients can maintain the lifestyle they want, whilst knowing they have prepared for the future.

What was your first job?

My first job was a paper round where I earned a whole $10 a week back in New Zealand. Looking back now, I can’t believe I did that!

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Either going to a nice restaurant and enjoying some prosecco with friends and family or enjoying a bath and doing some yoga. There is no in-between, it’s all or nothing!

What’s something, big or small, that you’re really good at?

Having fun. Why not, you only live once!  The world needs more laughter and kindness.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Ibiza! But anywhere hot with good bars and restaurants will suit me fine.

What’s something you saw recently that made you smile?

One of my clients, she is funny. She recently said on a call “oh here comes the main beneficiary of my will” and it turns out it was her cat!

What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

There are tons! At weddings, the memorable ones are Abba songs and I always manage to pull everyone up on the dancefloor, even if they’re reluctant at first!

Do you have a hidden talent?

I wouldn’t say it’s a hidden talent, but I have recently qualified as a yoga instructor.

Thanks Grace, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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