Striving for a more sustainable workplace

As a large and growing business, we’re keenly aware of the effect our actions have on the wider world, and we’re determined to be a force for positive change. All our employees, whichever level they operate at, uphold our values on environmental, social, and governance matters as we work towards building a company that does business better.

Environmental – Our planet

To minimise the footprint we leave behind as we go about our daily duties, we’re committed to reducing waste. We’re cutting down on paper by digitising our legacy processes and increasing our recycling efforts. We also seek out green energy suppliers to power our offices across the UK.

Social – Our people, our clients, and our community

Our business plays a crucial role as an employer with locations up and down the country, so the wellbeing of our workforce is paramount. Wherever they’re based, colleagues can benefit from flexible working, Financial Fitness Fridays, and our Service Excellence rewards programme. Employees also get time off to take part in volunteer activities of their choosing.

Governance – Our corporate responsibility

To us, it’s vital that we do business in a responsible manner. To facilitate this, we’ve put in place a robust risk framework that gives managers from across the firm the chance to discuss and address issues as soon as they arise.


The impact we’re having

We have documented our approach to ESG and have made the commitment to report on our impact annually. Please click on the link below to download a copy of our 2023 ESG Impact Report.
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What our clients say