Advising your clients in building buy-to-let success

As a financial adviser, one of the most common enquiries that Ash Manning, Partner at Foster Denovo is asked by clients is whether they should invest their money into a pension or into property.

Ash explains, once a client’s personal circumstances has been identified, and whether investing in property is right for them, we can start to talk about what the process will look like and how much it will cost.

As advisers, a large part of the role, is to provide honest and truthful financial guidance on any decision clients are looking at making. This is especially true when we are discussing buy-to-let as an investment opportunity.

Whilst buying a property is essentially the same as it always was, purchasing a property as an investment has, in the past few years, become more complicated. Mortgage interest tax relief that could be claimed has been reduced and the tax returns process has become more complicated. This is leading to more investors seeking support from an accountant or setting themselves up as a limited company to manage their buy to let property.

With that said, there are ways we can provide guidance to put clients in the best position for success. Below are Ash’s top three:

  • Make sure your client has done their research.
  • Help them build a power team.
  • Manage your client’s expectations.

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