John Hambi
Senior Partner

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I have over 20 years’ experience in helping people to put in place sound plans designed to deliver future financial aspirations.

I have over 20 years’ experience in helping people to put in place sound plans designed to deliver future financial aspirations.

I am a Senior Partner and financial adviser in the award-winning Foster Denovo, who won Adviser Firm of the Year London, at the Professional Adviser awards 2020.

Based in Foster Denovo’s London office, I provide financial advice to individuals and families, primarily based around the south east of England. Most of the individuals I work with lack the time, skill or expertise to formulate a financial plan to deliver their goals. Instead, they prefer to work with a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable financial adviser whom they can trust.

Using my experience and knowledge, I can help you build a financial plan which takes into account all of your financial priorities to help deliver your goals. I focus on what’s important to you and provide advice in a clear and simple way that is easy to understand.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

I provide advice on all aspects of financial planning, designed to enable you to achieve your specific financial goals. I can look at:

  • cashflow modelling to help you establish your priorities and develop a bespoke plan to ensure you are on track to achieving your financial goals;
  • helping you to plan towards your retirement to help ensure you achieve the lifestyle you want when you retire;
  • advising you on the most appropriate way to invest your money depending on your attitude to risk and timescales;
  • making the most of your current savings and investments, and helping you to understand what arrangements you already have in place;
  • protecting your income in case of serious illness or disability, and therefore, ensuring you do not have to worry about money;
  • ensuring your loved ones are looked after financially if you were to die prematurely;
  • putting in place adequate arrangements to minimise any inheritance tax liability; and
  • advising you on how to invest tax efficiently depending on your circumstances.

I put my clients’ interests at the heart of all I do, and will do my best to understand your immediate financial needs and life goals, allowing me to create the right solutions for you. To find out how I could help you to achieve your financial goals, please contact me for an initial meeting at no cost to you by calling 07956 970 561, or if you prefer, email me at john.hambi@fosterdenovo.com

From the outset I like to understand your current financial situation, your immediate needs and life goals. I get to the heart of what is important to you so I can develop a deep understanding of your objectives and identify where I can add value, helping you to make the right choices.

My goal is to work with clients over the long-term, building a mutually beneficial relationship that is based on trust and respect. Working in partnership with you, I will deliver your financial aspirations through tailored strategies, taking decisive actions and providing you with first class ongoing service.

I hold The London Institute of Banking & Finance Level 4 Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA). I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics.

S Bee – Fund Manager

“John was exceedingly helpful in not only helping set up the original critical illness/life policy, but when it came down to having to claim, whilst I was dealing with the diagnosis, surgery and hospital appointments, John was able to go through the policy and do the paperwork, not only with the policy he had instigated, but also additional policies that were in existence. Many firms and internet sites offer the cover, I most certainly valued the after sales follow up and thoroughness especially when trying to reorganise my life.”

J O’Dwyer – CEO

“I have known John Hambi for ten years and he has been an excellent adviser supporting me in my personal and professional business. John was instrumental in assisting me and my team in creating the right infrastructure for my employees and he continues to be an instrumental part in my business. I have always found him to be courteous, informative and straight down the line with me.”

K Spielmann- Head of Legal and Compliance

“John has been an invaluable source of financial planning advice over the last 15 years. He has helped me to reassess my financial priorities on many occasions as my family and career commitments have grown in that time. Some of the planning tools he has introduced encouraged me to look at the long term when I could only see my immediate requirements and that has been immensely helpful in achieving a balanced approach to investing and pension planning. John has also been of great assistance in providing an independent view of various employee share and benefit schemes over the years ensuring I can make informed decisions over their true value. John’s key strength is that he doesn’t sell products – products have to fit with my agreed plans and priorities and are a means to an end. He ensures that the product always matches the purpose and that is why I find his advice effective – the purpose of the product is primary and whilst specific features are useful they don’t lead the discussion. It goes without saying that John puts his clients first. He has absolute integrity and I would always value his judgment and opinion as being impartial and unbiased.”

K Dillon- CEO

“In all matters financial I have relied on John completely and trusted him implicitly for more years than I can remember. His genuine interest in me as a client, and simple and thorough advice has helped me through some chaotic times. In a world that changes constantly and with running my own business time is always at a premium, but John’s proactive approach in coming to me with solutions before I have even recognised the problems has removed my worries and made me confident for the future.”

B Blake – CEO

“I have known John for approximately 15 years. He was recommended to me by a friend who had a life policy from John. Fifteen years ago life policy, pensions and other long term investments were the furthest things from my mind. However having discussed these items with John, I soon realised that they were a very necessary item for future planning. John explained in detail each policy and its benefits and shortfalls. I first started with a pension policy but within a year I signed up for life protection and various other investments. As I ran my own successful information technology business, John’s input and advice was invaluable to me. John took away the stress of investment planning especially the retirement part. I now live and work in Ireland and still view John first as a friend and secondly a very knowledgeable and responsive financial adviser. I would without hesitation recommend John to all people looking to seek advice on their future money issues. I can’t recommend John highly enough.”