Delete Data Cron Admin Email

Important – action required

For the attention of Foster Denovo’s data manager.

The following users on Foster Denovo (fosterdenovo.com) have withdrawn their consent for your business to store/process their personal data. Personal data belonging to the users listed in this email has been automatically removed from Foster Denovo along with their accounts (where applicable).

List of users who have withdrawn consent in the past 24 hours:


IMPORTANT: to ensure that you fully comply with GDPR you should take all reasonable steps to remove the personal data belonging to the users listed above from any other systems you may use, and notify anyone you have shared the data with that the users have withdrawn consent.

In line with your own GDPR policy, you may also need to delete any emails (including this one), files, CRM/candidate database entries, and so on, that contain the listed users’ personal details.

Thank you for your cooperation

Foster Denovo


Please ensure that this email is directed to whoever is responsible for your GDPR compliance