Protecting what’s most important to you

You likely have several insurance policies. From protecting your car to pets, insurance can offer peace of mind that should something happen, you’re protected.

But we often overlook protecting what’s most important to us; our loved ones and lifestyle. Financial protection should be a key part of any financial plan.

Financial protection can provide you with an income should certain unforeseen circumstances happen. This could be being involved in an accident that means you’re unable to work for several months or the diagnoses of a critical illness that means you have to adjust your job position. In cases like these, the disruption to your income can be devastating.

Without your regular income to rely on, you may find it difficult to keep up with your financial commitments or find that your lifestyle needs to change as a result. The right financial protection for you should provide peace of mind and some space to get back on your feet when you need it most.

No one wants to think about becoming ill or dying. However, reviewing your financial protection can help answer those ‘what if’ concerns you have.

  • How long could I continue to pay essential bills if my income were to suddenly stop?
  • Would being diagnosed with a critical illness put me in a financially vulnerable position?
  • Could my family cope financially without my income if something were to happen to me?

Financial protection is designed to act as a safety net when you need it most. There are several different types of financial protection available, which one is right for you will depend on your circumstances, goals and priorities.

What next?

To discuss what type of financial protection is right for you and your priorities, please contact us. We’ll help you understand how financial protection fits into your wider plans and the level of cover that matches your circumstances and goals.

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