financial education

Tips for engaging staff with financial education

A financial education programme can be key to engaging employees.

According to the Secondsight white paper, published in October 2014, 73% of employees felt more positive about their employer when they received the benefit.

A growing number of organisations are engaging with their staff by providing a workplace financial education programme. But for a scheme to be a success, it should include brilliant design and delivery.

But financial education is not about providing employees with financial advice, although it may ultimately lead to this. It’s about giving them the knowledge, skills and tools to make their own financial decisions.

Simple success strategies

If an employer is looking at putting a financial education plan in place through engaging presentations and focused workshops, there are a few simple strategies that will ensure the programme is a success.

Firstly, it should use professional communicators to promote the programme internally. The success of the scheme hinges on getting employees to turn up to presentations in the first place; an employer must take control of its communications in order to get it right first time. It could utilise the skills of its marketing department, if it has one. If not, it should call in professional communicators.

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