Women in Finance – series of blogs, episode 6

Joanne Bunn – Secondsight Operations Manager

In the sixth episode of our Women in Finance series, we had the opportunity to interview Joanne Bunn, Secondsight Operations Manager. In this light-hearted piece, we take a look at her career path and her amazing achievements over the 12 years she has been at Foster Denovo! 

“I joined Foster Denovo in 2011, in the role of Marketing Executive for Secondsight, the company’s employee benefits division.

I didn’t actively seek out a career in finance; it just happened naturally! However, since joining Foster Denovo, I can genuinely say that working in this industry has been an incredible experience. I’ve learnt so much. Being in a marketing role within financial services has really expanded my knowledge, which has benefitted me both professionally and personally.

Here, Joanne talks about her career journey at Foster Denovo and the support she received to fulfil her achievements.

I come from a marketing background, with a degree in the field, and until this year had only ever held marketing roles. My journey with Foster Denovo has been quite fortunate. I began as a Marketing Executive, then moved up to Marketing Manager, and eventually took on the role of Group Marketing Manager. Earlier this year, an opportunity arose for a newly established role – the Secondsight Operations Manager. I applied and was successful in securing the role, officially starting in my new position on the 1st July 2023.

Throughout my time at Foster Denovo, I’ve felt really well supported, especially by my line manager. She has been a great mentor, providing advice and recognising my skill set, which played a crucial role in helping my achievements. Her guidance has been invaluable and I’m grateful to both her and the business for the time they’ve invested in my growth.

I’m enjoying working with my new team and learning more about the inner workings of Secondsight. Looking ahead, I will continue to learn and I’m hoping that I can support and facilitate positive change and the career aspirations of my team and their teams.

When I first began my journey, I never imagined myself working in the finance industry. However, my advice to women and anyone aspiring to enter this sector is simple: take the plunge!

The financial services industry continues to evolve and grow, offering so many opportunities and roles beyond the conventional financial adviser positions.

I firmly believe that anyone with the right attitude and willingness to learn can forge a successful career in finance. Also, you might start off along one career path, but there are options to change direction along the way, if that’s something you would like to explore. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry, especially considering the dynamic changes happening within it.”