Women in Finance – series of blogs, episode 9

Carly Naylor, Self employed Partner

In this edition of our Women in Finance series, we are delighted to introduce you to Carly Naylor, a self-employed Partner at Foster Denovo. In this ninth episode, Carly shares her remarkable journey navigating the intricacies of the financial services industry and her career to becoming an experienced financial adviser.

Having joined Foster Denovo approximately a year ago, Carly provides a glimpse into her experiences as a Mortgage and Protection Partner. Through her candid narrative, she sheds light on her path to becoming a Financial Adviser and shares her compelling reasons for choosing self-employment. Join us as Carly’s story unfolds, offering inspiration and insights into her time at Foster Denovo.

Carly shares her career journey, giving us an insight into how she became a self-employed Partner at Foster Denovo.

“I joined Foster Denovo over a year ago as a self-employed Mortgage and Protection Adviser, seeking greater career development opportunities. My path into finance wasn’t planned; after initially planning to study marketing, I found myself working at the Royal Bank of Scotland for eight years.

Transitioning to an independent mortgage brokerage in 2007, I faced the challenges of the recession alongside welcoming my first child. Despite this, I gradually increased my involvement in the workforce, eventually returning full-time.

However, I felt limited in my employed role and sought new avenues for growth. This led me to embrace self-employment with Foster Denovo who was offering fresh opportunities for professional advancement.

Foster Denovo has provided me with the ideal environment to thrive. Working alongside Millen, who provides invaluable support, I have found a fulfilling balance between professional independence and collaborative teamwork. The company’s commitment to career progression, and the level of support I have received, has exceeded my expectations enhancing both my personal and professional life.

My job satisfaction stems not only from the successful placement of challenging cases but also from the trust and confidence my clients place in me. Being able to provide comfort and alleviate financial burdens, especially during challenging times, brings immense fulfilment to my role”.

Reminiscing on the remarkable progression Carly has experienced throughout her year so far at Foster Denovo.

“The sense of progression, both on an individual and career level, has been undeniable. Working alongside an exceptional team, particularly on the mortgage desk, has been truly inspiring. With dedicated support from individuals like Millen, I feel fortunate to be part of an A-Team where no challenge is too daunting.

I consistently feel supported and recognised for my contributions. The strength within our team creates a sense of belonging and encouragement, fuelling my personal and professional growth.

Looking ahead, I have ambitious career goals, including establishing a practice within the FCA framework and expanding it with a team of talented professionals. With Foster Denovo’s unwavering support and encouragement, I’m confident I can achieve these aspirations. The company’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing mentorship further bolsters my confidence in reaching these milestones.

Foster Denovo has not only provided me with a platform for professional success but has also instilled in me a sense of purpose and empowerment to pursue my career ambitions.”

Reflecting on earlier challenges in her career, Carly shares insights into how her experiences have evolved.

“While my career path has certainly been hit by various obstacles, I was fortunate to navigate certain challenges with relative ease. For instance, my decision to take a break during a pivotal period, inadvertently shielded me from the brunt of the recession and subsequent economic turbulence. Returning from maternity leave, I found myself amidst a landscape where interest rates had significantly decreased, offering clients a palpable sense of relief.

Having bypassed the negative impacts of the recession during that period, I now find myself facing a different set of challenges. However, my past experiences have equipped me with a unique perspective and a profound understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of the industry’s fluctuations. This accumulated wisdom enables me to provide clients with the reassurance and guidance they seek, leveraging my expertise to navigate through certain times.

Here, Carly shares her advice on getting into the industry and how she believes times have changed positively towards women in finance.

“When I first started my career in finance, there were only two women in the office and that’s certainly not the case anymore.

I think desire has changed and more people want to earn their own money to be able to spend it freely. Women don’t want to have a reliance on anyone else anymore and lots are seeking financial independence.

I’m optimistic about the direction in which we’re heading. I have every confidence that women will thrive in this environment of empowerment.”