Advanced Adviser Academy

Foster Denovo launches Advanced Adviser Academy

In a bid to continue its expansion,  Foster Denovo has launched the Advanced Adviser Academy.

The Academy aims to help experienced financial advisers who wish to further develop their careers as an employed or self-employed adviser. It places a strong focus on the skills and competencies often not focused on within the financial advisory world and is designed to help advisers develop stronger and more meaningful client relationships. Areas covered by the Academy include: soft skills, cash flow forecasting, estate planning, business strategy and marketing.

Roger Brosch, chief executive of Foster Denovo, said: “We are continuously looking for innovative ways to assist our partners in achieving their clients’ investment and retirement goals.

“The new Clearview platform is competitively priced, meaning that our partners can offer exceptional service to their clients, whilst remaining in a competitive and advantageous position.

“The Dynamic Portfolios provide our partners with access to a range of uniquely designed investment portfolios to better meet client needs and increase their efficiency.”

The model portfolios will be available on the platform and are a blend of active and passive investment products.

The portfolios are grouped into three, with accumulation for those clients furthest away from retirement, consolidation for those clients approaching retirement, and decumulation for those clients in retirement.

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