new range of Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios

Foster Denovo launches new range of Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios

Foster Denovo has launched a new range of FD Dynamic Portfolios, the Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios (SDPs).

The new range of portfolios has been designed to address the growing needs of socially conscious investors wanting investment choices that do more than provide them with a rate of return.

The notion that a company’s motivation should not only be about generating profits, but also take wider sustainable factors into account, is becoming ever more important to investors, who perhaps historically would not have considered this as an option for them.

Whilst seeking options that will help their assets grow, managing the risks to this growth from environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is becoming more of a priority.

As with the current Dynamic Portfolios, the new sustainable range will be invested on a discretionary basis and maintain a clear focus on the client’s financial path and risk profile, whilst taking into consideration clear sustainable and ESG criteria.

Partnering with Worthstone, ESG fund research specialists, each portfolio will be continually risk assessed. Both from an investment perspective and from a sustainability perspective, by an investment team headed up by Declan McAndrew, Head of Investment Research at Foster Denovo.

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