Foster Denovo pilots new initiative to further embed sustainability across its business

Foster Denovo Limited has today announced it is piloting a new workplace sustainability programme, aimed at helping people discover how to work, think and live more sustainably, fast.

The move follows the launch of Foster Denovo’s range of active and passive sustainable portfolios, as the firm continues to integrate sustainability across its entire business as well as in the services it provides to its clients.

It sees Foster Denovo partner with Sue Skeats to launch a pilot of Skeats’s unique 100 Ways in 100 Days™ workplace programme. 100 Ways in 100 Days is a fun and engaging behaviour change e-learning programme, delivered via the workplace

It is based on psychology and neuroscience – and the theory of marginal gains (how many, many small things, multiplied over and over, can have significant impact).

But, rather than being doomy or preachy (to which people don’t respond well), 100 Ways brings colleagues together through positive and colourful social interactions, one of the most effective techniques for changing habits.

The programme informs and educates employees through a series of entertaining, memorable and thought-provoking, bite-sized ‘Ways’ (lessons), all empowering them to make small changes and sustainability improvements in their everyday lives.

Helen Lovett, Chief Operating Officer at Foster Denovo commented: “Over the last few years we have been challenging ourselves on how we can ensure we are embedding sustainability across our entire business – asking how and where can we do better to ensure we’re contributing to the transition to a net-zero carbon world. We wanted to empower our people with the knowledge and awareness of what we can all do at an individual level, as well as at a corporate level.

“We were therefore instantly attracted to Sue’s proposition. She has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve; to help people live more sustainably and help make it second nature. She has created something that doesn’t nag or punish people, but brings them together and galvanises them to start making a sea change in their habits. This is a vision and belief that we wholeheartedly share so pioneering a move to partner with her on this pilot was a perfect opportunity.”

Read the press release in full here.