Guide: The importance of having a will

Having a suitable will in place can give you peace of mind that your family’s future is protected

It’s important to have a will in place so that you can set out what you would like to happen to your money, house, valuables and possessions (known as your ‘estate’) after you die.

If you die without having a will, your wishes may not be carried out after your death and the law will determine what will happen to your estate instead.

This means the people you want to benefit may not receive what you would like them to receive. And, in some circumstances, they may even be left with significant financial problems and legal processes to deal with after your death.

We understand that writing a will can feel daunting and overwhelming. That’s why we work closely with two regulated firms of solicitors to offer you professional will writing services which are covered by the protections offered by a legal services regulator.

Download our guide to find out how we can help you make sure you have a suitable will in place.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate will writing, taxation and trust advice.