cost of care

Case study feature: How can your investments help to cover the cost of care later in life?

Responding to a recent case study in The Telegraph’s Money Makeover feature, Jamie Smith, one of our financial advisers,  provides guidance to an older couple on how to prepare for the cost of later-life healthcare needs.

The couple in question, like many retirees, are increasingly concerned that the cost of care later in life will consume the majority of the savings they have worked hard to accumulate during their working lives.

Care homes fees can range from £27,000 to £55,000 a year and are rising by 5% a year, which means it is becoming increasingly important to plan for potential later-life healthcare needs.

Worries about how to pay these later-life expenses may lead to some retirees not being able to enjoy the things they had dreamt of doing, such as travelling.

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