Roger Brosch discusses why no one in advice benefits from social media ‘mudslinging’

Foster Denovo’s CEO, Roger Brosch, explains the importance of constructive dialogue between advisers, the diverse spectrum of advice types and why a vertically integrated approach proves highly effective for both our business and clients.

Roger talks about how “There’s a role for all types of advisers as long as advice is the product.

I believe most of you would agree that using divisive language and engaging in polemical rants tend to be counterproductive, especially when it comes to supporting our clients.

It seems to me that there is room for all forms of advice; tied, restricted, vertically integrated, independent-whole of market, and digital (robo)-advice. Each has the ability to deliver positive outcomes and fair value for clients when appropriately tailored to their target markets

Regardless of your advice model, I can confidently say that no client outcome has ever been improved by taking to social media to sling mud”.

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Why no one in advice benefits from social media ‘mudslinging’ (professionaladviser.com)