Diary of an adviser: Nikki Rowell

Nikki Rowell, Chartered Financial Planner and Partner at Foster Denovo, gives FT Adviser an insight into his working week.


I start the week a little tired after flying back at 5 am from a long weekend. My commute to central London is simple enough and, with plenty of coffee, I am ready for the week.

My first meeting is an internal one, known as the ‘DB Forum’, where the team discusses a new defined benefit transfer advice case.

Preparation for a meeting like this can take over a day and the cases can be very complex, but fortunately, it is straight-forward and the group agrees that this case should proceed to the next stage. We are still some steps away from deciding what our advice will be, but presenting it in the meeting highlighted some potential issues for consideration.

I spend the afternoon tracking the progress of a number of pieces of advice I am working on.

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