new range of Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios

Foster Denovo launches Climate Impact Sustainable Dynamic Portfolio

Financial Adviser Foster Denovo Limited has today announced the launch of a new climate-impact-focused discretionary portfolio, the FD Climate Impact Sustainable Dynamic Portfolio.

The new impact portfolio will sit alongside and be able to be integrated within existing FD Active and Passive Sustainable Dynamic Portfolio (SDPs) solutions. It is designed to appeal to clients desiring a more focused exposure to climate impact themes, including electrification, energy efficiency, development of clean and alternative energy sources, and companies who are leading the decarbonisation transition.

The launch follows increased demand from Foster Denovo clients for a climate focused, thematic portfolio solution that can sit alongside the broader ESG and sustainable strategies. Foster Denovo recognises that tackling climate change is at the forefront of many clients’ minds.

Declan McAndrew, Head of Investment Research, said:  “Part of our plan for the SDP range was to offer clients dedicated thematic impact vehicles which can deliver on specific ESG related objectives. These impact vehicles can be used as satellite exposure and dovetail with the existing ranges. We want to provide clients with access to solutions that can cater to wherever they sit throughout the spectrum of capital – from ESG risk mitigation all the way through to impact investing.”

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