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Why are advice firms discussing the menopause?

A stigma around menopause remains, but how is this being tackled in a male-dominated industry such as financial advice?

 MPs, members of the royal family, TV personalities and advice firms – they have all had something to say about the menopause over the last year.

Until recently, the end of the reproductive phase of women’s lives was a very private thing. The menopause has been taboo, especially in the advice profession where men still outnumber women.

However, employers in financial services and other sectors are waking up to the need to support employees who are going through the menopause. To put it bluntly, firms risk losing talented staff if they do not.

Last year, Foster Denovo introduced a menopause support policy and practical advice for managers and employees.

Head of HR, Louise Blair shares with money marketing how Foster Denovo has recognised the growing need for menopause support, introducing “wellness action plans that encourage open dialogue between employees and their managers to practically support employee wellbeing and mental health”

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