quality control

Metrics offer a way to improve advice quality control, says Foster Denovo

Paula Brazier, Head of Client Experience at Foster Denovo, believes adopting customer satisfaction metrics can help advisers gauge the quality of service they offer their clients.

Foster Denovo uses two metrics to gauge consumer attitudes to their services. The first, the Net Promoter Score (NPS), measures how likely clients are to recommend a company to friends or colleagues. The second metric is the Customer Effort Score (CES), which is designed to gauge the effort it took to complete an action, transaction or process.

Ms Brazier said: “When I became aware of NPS, I thought it was an excellent way of establishing client feedback and something that should be placed at the heart of assessing our own client experience within Foster Denovo. We play close attention to the feedback, and work hard to continue to improve our service and our scores.”

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