Roger Brosch discusses facilitating acquisition deals for lasting success

Foster Denovo’s CEO, Roger Brosch, explains why opting to work with a ‘facilitator’ when selling your business is best for advisers, their clients and their team.

Roger talks about how “Consolidation in the financial advisory sector is a fact of life. While we can acknowledge its inevitability, we need not, and should not, embrace the type of consolidation that ultimately results in simply carving out the client book.

Such an approach lacks due consideration for the years, if not decades, of dedicated relationship building that has taken place.

This is why I would like to make the case for prioritising the importance of cultural fit. To ensure better outcomes – for clients, for the advisers and staff of both businesses and ultimately for the acquiring business – cultural fit beats almost every other priority”.

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Cultural fit: Facilitating acquisition deals for lasting success (professionaladviser.com)