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Roger Brosch talks to FT Adviser about the launch of the Clearview platform

The clunky and complicated offering of most adviser platforms prompted advice firm Foster Denovo to build its own, according to company chief executive Roger Brosch.

Foster Denovo announced this morning (13 June) that it has partnered with Host Capital Digital Wealth Solutions and Third Platform Services to develop an in house platform to be used by the firm’s advisers.

Mr Brosch said the motivation for developing its own platform was “to have greater control of the client experience”.

He said to FT Adviser: “Obviously prior to that we worked with lots of platforms, and sometimes even the data entry was cumbersome, and many platforms haven’t really integrated the back end with the front end, so we thought we could develop it ourselves.

“The biggest effort on our part was the due diligence, we spoke with a lot of providers, we spent 18 months of due diligence, only a few providers could have done it.

“In particular, we have a flexible pricing structure for different clients here, and not a lot of providers could work with that.

“While all of our advisers will work with this platform, we know that it won’t be suitable for every client, and in those cases we will continue to work with other platforms.”

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