post covid

What skills are needed in the post covid world?

What skills are needed in the post covid world? This has been a question which has been asked and pondered on during the 2020 lockdown. As people have had to cope with the transition from office to home immediately, many adjusted and were able to pick up the necessary skills very quickly.

While some people will have been able to work from home before the pandemic struck the world or will have had flexible working patterns in place anyway, for most office-based workers, doing everything from home represented a change in their working lives.
Advisers have had to adapt to new ways of working that has seen them – and their clients – learn new skills, such as holding Zoom conferences or doing screen-sharing remotely.

However some things never change, Helena Bogdanovski, head of talent acquisition for Foster Denovo, says “In terms of other skills, Foster Denovo are always look for driven advisers who put their clients at the heart of what they do, have a holistic approach to financial planning and who fit the culture and ethos of Foster Denovo. video conferencing skills will be a new thing to look for on a potential candidate’s skill set as we enter the ‘new normal’ of a post-pandemic world.”

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