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Transformation of employee benefits data management in the UK

Our employee benefits division, Secondsight, has invested in new software that will enable their clients to fully understand their protection insurance membership data in real-time.

The Psyon Elysium system, which will be branded as SWAN for Secondsight’s clients, is a unique, market-leading employee benefits administration platform.  As well as improving the management of employee benefits, it provides companies with accurate and up-to-date data on all aspects of their group risk and healthcare benefits.

Managing protection insurance policies and keeping on top of joiners, leavers, renewals and claims has long been an administrative challenge for employers.  SWAN sets out to change this by bringing administrative time and cost savings to both Secondsight and Secondsight’s clients.

Morag Livingston, Head of Group Risk and Wellbeing at Secondsight, said: “Following continued growth in our group risk business we took the decision to invest into an enhanced system that would help streamline our internal processes.  In addition, our group risk clients will now have access to a digital solution that will help them manage, in real time, their group risk and healthcare benefits data and associated spend.”

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