Financial Freedom

YBS Share Plans selects Foster Denovo to support financial education in the workplace

Foster Denovo’s employee benefits division, Secondsight, has created a bespoke share plan online portal.

YBS Share Plans, part of the Yorkshire Building Society, has selected Foster Denovo’s Secondsight to create an online share plan portal. The portal has been designed to educate employees of YBS Share Plan clients, many of whom are FTSE 100 companies, highlighting the advantages of the share plan offered to them.

The Sharesave portal will enable employees to learn about their company’s share plan at any point from being invited to join through to maturity. It showcases the benefits of their share plan using short and engaging animations and case studies.

To complement the online communication, Secondsight can also deliver educational seminars and webinars on Sharesave, both at launch and at maturity of the scheme. And, for more complex employee support, access to one-to-one advice might be considered, which can be provided through Foster Denovo’s financial advisers.

Ashley Price, Head of YBS Share Plans, said: “Our clients’ employees will have access to the information and tools they need to help them fully understand the share plans being offered to them and to assist them in making choices at maturity.

“We know that debt and money worries can take their toll on employees’ mental health. High quality employee wellbeing provision that covers mental and financial health – as well as physical wellbeing – is an area of increasing importance to HR and employee benefits professionals.”

Roger Brosch, CEO of Foster Denovo, said: “We are pleased to have been selected to work alongside YBS Share Plans to support the building society in its bid to provide financial education in the workplace.

“Our adaptability is something that runs deeply throughout the company enabling us to react quickly to the changing needs of clients.